Frequently Asked Questions

How are transport rates determined?

Rates are determined by two factors:

1. Total miles between the origin and the destination of the move. We utilize the Rand McNally Route Planner software to determine total mileage.

2. Size of the vehicle to be transported. The cost would be slightly more to transport a Suburban, Navigator, or dually pickup for instance than a Celica, Malibu, or Bonneville.

Will my vehicle be insured while in transit?

Yes! Every transporter is governed by the U.S. Department of Transportation and is required to maintain minimum amounts of liability insurance for protection of the public as well as cargo insurance to cover any potential damage claims. Each truck that hauls for us is in possession of a minimum of $100,000.00 Cargo insurance for a single car hauler and up to $500,000.00 for a 10-car hauler.

What is the time frame from pick-up to delivery of my vehicle?

Normally depending on your first available date for shipping, it takes only a couple of days to load, and the delivery time is determined by the distance to be traveled. You will be advised of the schedule to pick-up and be given an ETA when the driver is assigned to your move. The driver will call ahead to arrange for pick-up and delivery.

How long in advance do i need to make arrangements to move my vehicle?

We recommend submitting your order around two weeks in advance for cross country auto relocations, and three to four weeks for overseas shipments. If you need to ship it sooner, let us know and we'll do our very best to accommodate your vehicle transport as a "priority status". Please call us at (800)262-0008 to discuss your needs.

Can I pack things in my vehicle?

Based on the Federal High Way Administration rules, you are not supposed to have any personal belongings to have on your vehicle. However, a few small items packed in the trunk are acceptable.

What if the location of my vehicle is inaccessible to the truck?

Because the trucks are quite large and some communities has restrictions, this sometimes makes it impossible to reach many residential areas.

If that's the case in your situation, the truck driver will attempt to get as close as possible and arrange to meet you at a convenient location such as shopping center etc.